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A Little About Us - 20th Year Anniversary

Cars are Basic™, Incorporated (CAB™) is a transportation policy watchdog, motor vehicle infrastructure ombudsman and motorist advocacy organization since 1998.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, plentiful employment and a healthy economy depend, in part, on free movement of people, goods and services. We all have a right to the transportation method we choose. CAB, Inc.™ believes that government must uphold this freedom of transportation choice.

The transportation method chosen by the majority of Americans is a motor vehicle fueled by gasoline, electricity, hybrid gasoline/electricity, hydrogen, propane or diesel. Cars are Basic™ believes government's transportation and transportation infrastructure policies should primarily reflect the transportation choice made by the majority of the population.

Cars are Basic™, is a grass roots organization operated solely by volunteers from the Santa Barbara County. We have been reviewing and advocating transportation issues for over 20 years. CAB™, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, and all contributions to it are tax-deductible.


The October meeting for Cars Are Basic, Inc. will be held this coming 24th of October at the Santa Barbara IHOP, State and Valerio Streets. We decided not to try and compete with Halloween which is the Last Wed. of the Month.

Meeting time will be 6:30 PM

There is plenty to discuss.

CAB voted for a Political Action Committee. All donations to such a separate organization will not be tax deductible, but would allow CAB to speak out about State & Federal Legislation. vote by email.

The PAC voted to support Prop. 6 to repeal the Gas and Registration taxes voted in by the Legislature.

Monthly CAB Board Meetings are open to public at 6:30PM on the last Wednesday of the month (except this month Oct.) at IHOP. (Click for map.) CAB now has solid proof that Bulbouts are a waste of tax money and dangerous devices on the streets. The broken record of anti-car and big government politics is a history of wasteful and failed transportation projects!

All donations to such a separate organization will not be tax deductible, but would allow CAB to speak out about State & Federal Legislation. vote by email.

What is your opinion of the Gasoline and Registration Tax voted in by the Legislature and Gov. Brown? Do you favor repeal?

Monthly CAB Board Meetings are open to public at 6:30PM on the last Wednesday of the month at IHOP. (Click for map.)

The broken record of anti-car and big government politics is a history of wasteful and failed transportation projects!

Anti-car schemes and politics are the foundation of career politicians who blame a functioning society and paint vast pictures of Utopia.

These groups and politicians know that a divisive and ongoing division of society on transportation is their road to office, costing taxpayers literally $100’s of millions annually. Civil service staff know the numbers do not add up, but continue to propose projects as a two-fold benefit to their job security and empire building. Measure A (County of Santa Barbara) has proven to be wasteful, and of course now there is State SB-1, as the State sits on $9+ Billion in excess tax money instead of fixing streets. It is “Technicolor Politics” and you pay for the ticket, pop-corn, and sodas (no free rides).

It always sounds bigger than life, and better than anything proposed before. Promoters state - give us just a little bit more. Has it worked?

The population base has grown. Did refusing to widen 101 since the 1970’s change travel approaches?

In 40 years of bike programs are there more or fewer bikes on the roads? The city of Santa Barbara built 40 miles of interconnected bike paths in the past 20 years. Did that increase bike numbers beyond the 1980 numbers? (No) Is the creation of a multi-million dollar “Coastal Route” going to convince you to ride to Ventura to shop or give up your commute auto? Why were the Santa Barbara City bike stations closed? The answer isn’t rocket-science. Has the percent of “alternative” users, based on population increased? “Bulbout Hell” has the vast majority, including TV news reporters, former Council members, and civic leaders wanting to remove them from city streets. Talk to the Joe Public in Carpinteria, and they will say tear them out

Did the ballyhooed rail for tourist justify taxpayer subsidies? Does a 500% increase in rail costs make sense to spend a $Billion for rail? Are you walking and taking the bus to shop and transport family at the end of a full work day? Have you noticed the increasing numbers of SUV’s on the road over the average sedan? Are cars safer, more comfortable, and economic then just a decade ago? Has pollution decreased while cars increased in numbers since 1960’s & particularly since 2000? Career politician’s answer is “stack’m & pack’m” as the definitive solution for 4+ decades of failure. Let’s destroy congenial living with smaller, high density cracker boxes, and overload resources, including emergency response and water, because the “right to live” in a location has been determined by big government be a demanded “Constitutional right for subsidy” for rents and ownership.

The State of California and the County of Santa Barbara is faced, at best, with benign neglect of its roads and streets, and in CAB’s determination, the intentional destruction of a great road system in order to promote anti-car politics. It’s broken!

Isn’t it time to demand of the Political Majority in Sacramento and the County to fix what they broke?

Isn’t it time to demand answers why they continue failure in the face decades of hard evidence?

How much more money can you as taxpayers pay for failure?

What additional cost are you willing to pay for goods transported on lousy shipping lanes?

CAB says it is past time. How about you?

Congratulations to the Goleta Old Town Organization for being awarded 1st Place Award from the Neighborhoods Association in the category of Neighborhood Revitalization / Neighborliness. The award was presented in Birmingham, AL. CAB has backed the Goleta Old Town Organization in its efforts to maintain Old Town "originality" and the middle class feel. Congratulations from the CAB Board!

The Six Missions of Cars are Basic, Inc.™

1) Promote freedom of choice in transportation and oppose attempts to deny that freedom.

2) Monitor government transportation policies and distribute information about those policies.

3) Advocate a system of properly engineered, well-maintained roadways which enable the safe and efficient movement of motor vehicles.

4) Advance the principle that alternative means of transportation, such as public mass transit, ride or car sharing, bicycles, skateboards, or walking cannot be government mandates. They must remain a choice to which everyone has a right to make or not make.

5) Oppose publicly-funded, alternative transportation programs which: are frivolous uses of taxpayer funds intended to cater to politicians' favored constituencies, gratify a special interest or redistribute wealth.

6) Explain the contribution that motor vehicles make to a healthy economy.


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