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A Little About Us - 20th Year Anniversary

Cars are Basic™, Incorporated (CAB™) is a transportation policy watchdog, motor vehicle infrastructure ombudsman and motorist advocacy organization since 1998.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, plentiful employment and a healthy economy depend, in part, on free movement of people, goods and services. We all have a right to the transportation method we choose. CAB, Inc.™ believes that government must uphold this freedom of transportation choice. ...

The transportation method chosen by the majority of Americans is a motor vehicle fueled by gasoline, electricity, hybrid gasoline/electricity, hydrogen, propane or diesel. Cars are Basic™ believes government's transportation and transportation infrastructure policies should primarily reflect the transportation choice made by the majority of the population.

Cars are Basic™, is a grass roots organization operated solely by volunteers from the Santa Barbara County. We have been reviewing and advocating transportation issues for over 20 years. CAB™, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, and all contributions to it are tax-deductible.


December 7th, 2021, at 6:30 PM, is the December Holiday Party meeting at Pattaya Restaurant on Hollister in Old Town Goleta. (Click for directions) A laminated satellite aerial view od SB County has been donated for a drawing gift.
Guests are welcomed!

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In a comment that might be appropriate for Santa Barbara County as well, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst stated, "‘Bailout Bankrupt Boondoggles.’ That’s more appropriate for Washington’s track record of finding new ways to fund failed projects.”

Several proposed traffic projects have been shown by CAB to violate Coastal Commission Permitting due to increase of the number of Vehicle Miles Traveled / Driven (VMT). This should be an interesting issue.

CAB brought this issue before SBCAG at the beginnning of the year with Al Clark sitting as the representative for the City of Carpinteria. He ducked his head and refused to comment.
See PDF of Legislative Items of Interest HERE.
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Businesses Protest SB Spending Unfunded Millions to Place COVID-Control Housing in Old Town.

The City of Goleta has stepped in it big time - CEQA AND COASTAL COMMISSION.

Santa Barbara has created a joke with their bike plan.

There is the issue of Solvang - this could be really big - included in the virtual Santa Ynez Valley Traffic Circulation and Safety Meeting 5-6:30PM Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Click to register for meeting.

SBCAG's TrafficSolutions still reports as of 6/19/2020 that, "In response to COVID-19, early morning Pacific Surfliner train service is canceled until further notice."

For more news, see CABlog here.

The Six Missions of Cars are Basic, Inc.™

1) Promote freedom of choice in transportation and oppose attempts to deny that freedom.

2) Monitor government transportation policies and distribute information about those policies.

3) Advocate a system of properly engineered, well-maintained roadways which enable the safe and efficient movement of motor vehicles.

4) Advance the principle that alternative means of transportation, such as public mass transit, ride or car sharing, bicycles, skateboards, or walking cannot be government mandates. They must remain a choice to which everyone has a right to make or not make.

5) Oppose publicly-funded, alternative transportation programs which: are frivolous uses of taxpayer funds intended to cater to politicians' favored constituencies, gratify a special interest or redistribute wealth.

6) Explain the contribution that motor vehicles make to a healthy economy.


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