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A Little About Us - 23 Year Anniversary

Cars are Basic™, Incorporated (CAB™) is a transportation policy watchdog, motor vehicle infrastructure ombudsman and motorist advocacy organization since 1998.

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, plentiful employment and a healthy economy depend, in part, on free movement of people, goods and services. We all have a right to the transportation method we choose. CAB, Inc.™ believes that government must uphold this freedom of transportation choice. ...

The transportation method chosen by the majority of Americans is a motor vehicle fueled by gasoline, electricity, hybrid gasoline/electricity, hydrogen, propane or diesel. Cars are Basic™ believes government's transportation and transportation infrastructure policies should primarily reflect the transportation choice made by the majority of the population.

Cars are Basic™, is a grass roots organization operated solely by volunteers from the Santa Barbara County. We have been reviewing and advocating transportation issues for over 20 years. CAB™, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, and all contributions to it are tax-deductible.


June 29, 2022, at 6:30 PM, is the next meeting
at the Santa Barbara IHOP on State St. at Valerio. (Click for map) at 6:30 PM (last Wed. of the month)

Current topics include:
CAB attended the Solvang Council Planning session and made the point about opening Copenhagen in Solvang
CAB did a weekend assessment of the Santa Ynez Valley on a day not a holiday and between seasons.... it was packed not with bike riders but cars
CAB was on KZSB radio among topics Chick-fil-A
CAB sent letter of support for Chick-fil-A at SB Council session of this week
As the exodus from Old Town SB continues with retail shops, the City of SB continues its plans to extend the closing of State St. for 2 additional years, that will result in 4 years of shutdown.
Does that sound rational? The long range outcomes of the narrowing of State and the ongoing plans to shut downtown to vehicles is apparent.
There are two answers from the controlling Left who have created this failure:
1 - "You don't understand, we have not done enough and it will eventually succeed."
2 - "We did not expect this outcome but when applied properly downtown will prosper."

CAB's answer to this is: were you so arrogant when you saw the outcomes in the beginnings of the 1990's that you could not think and observe? The answer to centralized control government and social experiments failures is "we did not have the right people." The other answer is the outcomes were unexpected but now we see the error of our ways and it will be different this time. You want to bet there are more tax proposals for SB because "we need it."
Bad Planning and Lousy Excuses always depend on these 2 basic alibis.
Think Santa Barbara is an exception?
What is Goleta doing? Goleta is implementing the failed Santa Barbara Plan on steroids, ignoring the decades of decline in SB. Goleta has thrived because of adequate traffic capacity in Old Town and Camino Real shopping center at Storke.
Goleta Council is ignoring its business successes achieved from properly designed transportation grid and adequate parking.
How about the excuse for the 1% sales tax to "fix" the roads. Again they squander existing funding, and disguised a new slush fund for other uses, including increasing government office wages. Goleta Staff and Council tried to get more taxes on the books last year, but were slapped down by the voters.
In 2022 they are coming back once again for more of your tax money. Forget the significant rebound of mid-2021 and now, that is increasing their tax revenue.
Why another tax effort? So they can shut down streets and roads with failed and rigid "infrastructure."
John F. Kennedy stated it was ironic that lower taxes eventually increases the money government gets.
Regardless on which side of the isle you sit, recognize that a safe and free society depends on unrestricted travel, private vehicle ownership, and capability for proper emergency response and evacuation.
See you at the January CAB monthly meeting. 26 Jan. 2022 - SB IHOP - 6:30 PM

Santa Barbara....
Olive Mill / Coast Village gets Cottage Urgent Care. This will increase the traffic flow that the roundabout will not handle. Electric Bike hazard is growing and the City refuses to classify them as motorcycles (which they are). Sat. flat outer State an e-bike was traveling 30 mph in the bike path-  More and more accidents to happen. ADU increased density – more cars and traffic – projection of 10,000 in just downtown Goleta.
Hollister Roundabouts...refusing to address the issue of ADA problems. Faced with the congestion of the Alisal Fire the City of Goleta turns a blind eye and moves to congest streets by planning base on least daily use.
Still refuses to address the CAB alternative to government buses
Still refuses to address the Santa Barbara Bike Plan that must have a CEQA EIR.
Still refuses to address the issue of fraud based planning for Santa Ynez Bike plan (reducing commute...really?)
Still refuses to address the issues of emergency response and bad planning like Olive Mill / San Ysidro roundabouts.
Still not addressing the issues of proposed roundabouts and the increasing commercial traffic on 154 / and emergency alternative.
The SBCAG Board went into private session about pay for its Executive Director with the problems of the above
CAB Flyers about the Bike Plan is making an impact.  Too often the average resident is not aware of it, they don't listen to Board or council meetings Items from the floor -->

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In a comment that might be appropriate for Santa Barbara County as well, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst stated, "‘Bailout Bankrupt Boondoggles.’ That’s more appropriate for Washington’s track record of finding new ways to fund failed projects.”

Several proposed traffic projects have been shown by CAB to violate Coastal Commission Permitting due to increase of the number of Vehicle Miles Traveled / Driven (VMT). This should be an interesting issue.

CAB brought this issue before SBCAG at the beginnning of the year with Al Clark sitting as the representative for the City of Carpinteria. He ducked his head and refused to comment.
See PDF of Legislative Items of Interest HERE.
CLICK HERE To receive these Legislative Items Of Interest emails weekly.

Businesses Protest SB Spending Unfunded Millions to Place COVID-Control Housing in Old Town.

The City of Goleta has stepped in it big time - CEQA AND COASTAL COMMISSION.

Santa Barbara has created a joke with their bike plan.

There is the issue of Solvang - this could be really big - included in the virtual Santa Ynez Valley Traffic Circulation and Safety Meeting 5-6:30PM Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Click to register for meeting.

SBCAG's TrafficSolutions still reports as of 6/19/2020 that, "In response to COVID-19, early morning Pacific Surfliner train service is canceled until further notice."

For more news, see CABlog here.

The Six Missions of Cars are Basic, Inc.™

1) Promote freedom of choice in transportation and oppose attempts to deny that freedom.

2) Monitor government transportation policies and distribute information about those policies.

3) Advocate a system of properly engineered, well-maintained roadways which enable the safe and efficient movement of motor vehicles.

4) Advance the principle that alternative means of transportation, such as public mass transit, ride or car sharing, bicycles, skateboards, or walking cannot be government mandates. They must remain a choice to which everyone has a right to make or not make.

5) Oppose publicly-funded, alternative transportation programs which: are frivolous uses of taxpayer funds intended to cater to politicians' favored constituencies, gratify a special interest or redistribute wealth.

6) Explain the contribution that motor vehicles make to a healthy economy.

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