Cars Are Basic TM has a new recorded line phone number: 805-960-5211. Also we have been running ads on local radio to inform the public about local anti-car political events and de-construction of infrastructure.

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Cars Are Basic, Inc.TM, is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible. We are a citizens grass roots organization presently made up of 100% volunteers from the County of Santa Barbara. Our areas of interests are the rational maintenance and development of traffic routes, and the application of performance based statistics to transportation issues. We have been reviewing and viewing transportation issues for 10 years.  read more

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Certain politicians and activists in Santa Barbara believe that it is government's job to force you out of your car. They think cars and the freedom that they bring are inherently evil and need to be greatly reduced or abolished.

Helene Schneider, Gregg Hart, and Bendy White are examples of the elected officials and bureaucrats who have spent their careers trying to narrow streets, add bulb-outs, and insert round-abouts. They dream of eliminating cars and forcing working people onto bicycles, busses, and trains. These politicians themselves drive cars because they think of themselves as too busy or too important to use the public transportation that they wish to force onto everyone else.

How do they expect ordinary folks to get to work, to shops, to the doctor, or to school? Trains, busses, bikes, or on foot! At Cars Are Basic, we don't oppose so-called "alternative transportation". But it should be an option, not a mandate.

The anti-car crowd thinks that cars are responsible for global warming and that we would all be better socialized if we all rode together on public transportation. They dream of a higher-density Santa Barbara where there are so many people crammed into the downtown area that no one would need a car. They have worked hard to eliminate parking spaces and to charge a fortune for any available parking. These same politicians have fought the widening of US Highway 101.

Please support our efforts here at Cars Are Basic in fighting to protect and preserve our fundamental right to choose our own mode of personal transportation.

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